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Schwartz Tree & Landscape of Cranston, Rhode Island

Schwartz Tree & Landscape transforms your property into a work of art that will last for years to come. From basic plant management to tree services, we ensure that your landscaping always looks its best.
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Plant Management Strategies

We aim to bring the best out of your plants and for the total benefit of your property. Our experts begin with an evaluation of your properties assets in order to minimize liabilities. We then do naturalized pruning, enabling us to trim your plants without harming them.


At Schwartz Tree & Landscape, we recognize the uniqueness of every single property and provide expert consulting on many different aspects of landscaping.

Insect Treatment

Insects can be both beneficial and harmful to your property. Thankfully, Schwartz Tree & Landscape provides you with an accurate diagnosis and develops strategies to restore balance to your property.

Tree Services

We can help the client properly preserve assets and lessen liability. Our team of professionals will properly trim and care for your trees and shrubs or if necessary remove unwanted or unhealthy trees from your property. As arborists, we do everything that we can to take care of and even save your trees.

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